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Poster Session 7 - Syncope and bradycardia

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2019
Topic: European Society of Cardiology
Session type: Poster Session
Date: 3 September 2019


9 presentations in this session

Additive value of evaluating patients with syncope by an implantable loop recorder: diagnosis of subclinical atrial fibrillation

Speaker: Doctor A. Olivella (Barcelona, ES)

Performance of the early clinical judgement for the diagnosis of syncope on the emergency department

Speaker: Doctor T. Zimmermann (Basel, CH)

Sinus arrest post-cardioversion

Speaker: Doctor M. Ahmed (Providence, US)

Adenosine plasma levels may determine tilt table test outcome in syncopal patients with prodromal symptoms

Speaker: Doctor A. Antoniadis (Thessaloniki, GR)

Symptomatic palpitations causing anxiety in women, what are the underlying arrhythmias

Speaker: Professor K. Schenck-Gustafsson (Stockholm, SE)

Evaluation of arrhythmias using an insertable cardiac monitor in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Speaker: Doctor P. Magnusson (Gavle, SE)

Use of atrioventricular nodal ablation after atrial fibrillation ablation failure: a nationwide cohort study

Speaker: Professor L. Fauchier (Tours, FR)

Isolated systolic hypertension versus combined systolic-diastolic hypertension as predictors of atrial fibrillation: Data from a 8-year-follow-up study

Speaker: Doctor D. Konstantinidis (Athens, GR)

Development of the novel program to diagnose atrial fibrillation using automated blood pressure monitor.

Speaker: Assistant Professor M. Ishizawa (Kagawa, JP)

9 speakers from this session

Doctor Aleix Olivella

University Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona (Spain)
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Doctor Tobias Zimmermann

University Hospital Basel, Basel (Switzerland)
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Doctor Malik Bilal Ahmed

Brown University, Providence (United States of America)
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Doctor Antonios Antoniadis

Hippokration General Hospital of Thessloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece)
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Professor Karin Schenck-Gustafsson

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)
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Doctor Peter Magnusson

Uppsala University, Gavle (Sweden)
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Professor Laurent Fauchier

Tours Regional University Hospital, Hospital Trousseau, Tours (France)
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Doctor Dimitrios Konstantinidis

Hippokration General Hospital, Athens (Greece)
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Assistant Professor Makoto Ishizawa

Kagawa University, Kagawa (Japan)
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