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All day Poster Session - Cardiovascular Development and Anatomy, Other

Event: Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology 2018
Topic: Basic Science, Other
Session type: Poster Session
Date: 22 April 2018


6 presentations in this session

Cardiovascular Development and Anatomy, Other - Poster discussant.


The importance of anatomical characteristics of aortic arch in aortic coarctation for the prognosis after its treatment.

Speaker: Assistant Professor M. El Tahlawi (Zagazig, EG)

Dietary protein restriction throughout intrauterine development and postnatal life alters myocardial tissue composition but not left ventricular function in the adult mouse heart

Speaker: Doctor J. Drenckhahn (Berlin, DE)

Patient-based computer reconstructions of pulsative blood flow inside human and artificial vessels

Speaker: Assistant Professor A. Polanczyk (Lodz, PL)

A novel transgenic mouse model reveals an essential role for Bcar1/p130Cas in embryonic heart development and outflow tract septation

Speaker: Professor I. Zachary (London, GB)

The endocardial expression of ADGRG6 (Gpr126) is necessary for survival in mouse and sufficient to drive trabeculation in zebrafish

Speaker: Mr G. Musa (Erlangen, DE)

5 speakers from this session

Assistant Professor Mohammad El Tahlawi

Zagazig University Hospitals, Zagazig (Egypt)
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Doctor Joerg-Detlef Drenckhahn

Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin (Germany)
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Assistant Professor Andrzej Polanczyk

Lodz University of Technology, Lodz (Poland)
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Professor Ian Zachary

University College London, Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
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Mr Gentian Musa

University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany)
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