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Poster session 4 - Public health and health policy

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2017
Topic: Miscellaneous
Session type: Poster Session
Date: 28 August 2017


15 presentations in this session

Inequality in 5-year risk of coronary heart disease within a low-risk country in the face of equal access to healthcare: a Danish nationwide study

Speaker: Miss J. Heberg (Copenhagen, DK)

Impact of national health checkups service on hard events of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in the general population: a propensity matched cohort study

Speaker: Doctor Y. Suh (Seoul, KR)

Aortic stiffness is significantly increased in low-nicotine dependent smokers after the use of both combustible and electronic cigarettes

Speaker: Mr N. Ioakeimidis (Athens, GR)

Unmasking the prominence of hypertension among 1338 all-cause emergency admissions in the MOZambique snApshot of emeRging Trends (MOZART) disease surveillance study

Speaker: Ms A. Keates (Melbourne, AU)

Telemedicine + STEMI systems of care: novel solution to massively expand access to AMI care in developing countries

Speaker: Doctor S. Mehta (Miami, US)

Trends in disease morbidity over a decade in a sub-saharan african nation: witnessing the epidemiologic transition

Speaker: Professor X. Jouven (Paris, FR)

Traffic noise and ischemic heart disease - review of the evidence for the WHO environmental noise guidelines for the european region

Speaker: Professor G. Pershagen (Stockholm, SE)

Metabolic risk screening in adolescent blood donors

Speaker: Mr S. Eason (Dallas, US)

A global perspective of cardiac rehabilitation registries: a systematic review

Speaker: Doctor E. Thomas (Brisbane, AU)

Prevalence of cardiac abnormalities in Chagas disease in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Speaker: Miss L. Rojas Sanchez (Floridablanca, CO)

14 speakers from this session

Miss Jette Heberg

The Danish Heart Foundation, Copenhagen (Denmark)
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Doctor Yongsung Suh

Yonsei Cardiovascular Center, Yonsei University Medical Center, Seoul (Korea (Republic of))
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Mr Nikolaos Ioakeimidis

Hippokration Hospital, University of Athens, Athens (Greece)
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Ms Ashley Kimberley Keates

, Melbourne (Australia)
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Doctor Sameer Mehta

Lumen Foundation, Miami (United States of America)
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Professor Xavier Jouven

European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris (France)
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Professor Goran Pershagen

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)
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Mr Stephen Eason

Carter BloodCare, Dallas (United States of America)
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Doctor Emma Thomas

University Of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia)
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Miss Lyda Zoraya Rojas Sanchez

Foundation Cardiovascular of Colombia, Floridablanca (Colombia)
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Doctor Luis Abreu

Hospital Sao Teotonio, Viseu (Portugal)
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Doctor Anna Kontsevaya

National Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Moscow (Russian Federation)
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Professor Carlos Ignacio Ponte Negretti

La Floresta Clnic, Caracas (Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of))
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Assistant Professor Vitor Hugo Pereira

ICVS, School of Health Sciences of University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)
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