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Poster session 3 - Hypertension

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2016
Topic: Miscellaneous
Session type: Poster Session
Date: 28 August 2016


11 presentations in this session

Characteristics of target organ involvement in pregnant women woth gestational hypertension

Speaker: Professor N. Koziolova (Perm, RU)

Effects of high fructose consumption on blood pressure and fasting glycaemia in Wistar rats

Speaker: Professor J. Mansourati (Brest, FR)

Markers of coagulation system in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea and arterial hypertension

Speaker: Doctor T. Bugaev (Moscow, RU)

Association of prothrombotic state with kidney function in hypertensive patients

Speaker: Doctor P. Pietri (Athens, GR)

The influence of surgical technique of carotid endarterectomy on arterial hypertension

Speaker: Assistant Professor O. Germanova (Bishkek, KG)

Aortic stiffness as a surrogate end-point of cardiovascular events prediction: rising to prominence

Speaker: Doctor N. Skliros (Athens, GR)

Prolactin as a predictor of vascular aging in apparently healthy postmenopausal women

Speaker: Mr N. Makris (Athens, GR)

Masked arterial hypertension in young subjects: prevalence and clinical features in men and women

Speaker: Professor N. Lyamina (Moscow, RU)

Hypertensive cardiac remodeling is attenuated by DPP4 inhibition independently of cardiac angiogenesis.

Speaker: Doctor H. Kawase (Nagoya, JP)

Correlation between common genetic variants with the risk of hypertension and their role on coagulation and inflammatory process

Speaker: Doctor N. Papageorgiou (London, GB)

11 speakers from this session

Professor Natalia Koziolova

Perm State Medical University, Perm (Russian Federation)
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Professor Jacques Mansourati

University Hospital of Brest, Brest (France)
1 presentation
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Doctor Timofey Dmitrievich Bugaev

Cardiology Research and Production Center, Moscow (Russian Federation)
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Doctor Panagiota Pietri

Athens Medical Center, Athens (Greece)
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Assistant Professor Olga Germanova

International Higher School of Medicine, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
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Doctor Nikitas Skliros

Euroclinic of Athens, Athens (Greece)
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Mr Nikolaos Makris

Attikon University Hospital, Athens (Greece)
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Professor Nadezda Lyamina

Research Center in Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine, Moscow (Russian Federation)
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Doctor Haruya Kawase

, Nagoya (Japan)
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Doctor Nikolaos Papageorgiou

Barts Heart Centre, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
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Doctor Yan Chen

Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, Shenzhen (China)
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