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Professor Jozef Dulak

Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology

Józef Dulak is professor of molecular biology and biotechnology, the head of the Department of Medical Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland - https://zbm.wbbib.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/ , and currently vice-president of the Committee of Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His research interests concern medical biotechnology, and particularly stem cell biology, vascular biology and medicine, gene and cell therapy. He and his team were instrumental in elucidating the crucial role of Nrf2-HO-1- microRNAs pathways in regulation of numerous reparative and regenerative processes, associated also with the pathologies being at the background of the major non-communicable acquired and inherited diseases. His research led to discovery of new mechanisms of tissue responses to injury, activation and differentiation of stem cells, formation of blood vessels and regeneration or repair of such organ.

RNA therapeutics for cardiovascular disease

Event: ESC Congress 2023

Topic: Basic Science

Session type: Symposium


Moderated poster 11 - Cardiomyopathies

Event: Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine 2022

Topic: Basic Science

Session type: Moderated Posters


Transcriptional and epigenetic controls of vascular homeostasis

Event: Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology 2016

Topic: Atherosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology

Session type: Featured Symposium


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