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Doctor Sina Fathieh

University of Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology

After completing basic physician training in 2021, Dr Sina Fathieh commenced a PhD, examining how environmental pollutants affect cardiovascular health. Their research embraces various omic and radiological techniques to unravel the underlying complexities of this issue. Passionate about data science, they appreciate the analytical side of their PhD work. Their interests stretch beyond academia, as they find joy in programming, drawing, and nature photography during their downtime. These hobbies provide a creative outlet that balances their rigorous research pursuits. Fluency in Farsi is another of Dr Fathieh's assets, creating opportunities for broader communication in both their personal and professional lives. Combining a love for science with a knack for artistic expression and cultural engagement, Dr Fathieh is a multifaceted individual who appreciates the importance of balance in all aspects of life.

Reduction in acute coronary events without excess out of hospital cardiac arrest during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 in new South Wales, Australia

Event: ESC Congress 2023

Topic: Public Health

Session: Innovations in public health and health economics (4)


Acute exposure to PM2.5 promotes arterial stiffening by down-regulating serine and trans-4-hydroxyproline dependent pathways - results from an Asutralian cohort metabolomic study

Event: ESC Congress 2023

Topic: Pathophysiology and Mechanisms

Session: Preclinical and clinical laboratory markers in chronic coronary syndromes


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