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Doctor Eraldo Occhetta

Via Cavalle' private ambulatory, Romentino (Italy)

Member of:

European Heart Rythm Association

Dr. Eraldo Occhetta is the past Director of the Electrophysiology and Cardiostimulation section of the Cardiology Department of the University Hospital and a contract professor of the East Piedmont University, Novara (Italy). He is an active member of: the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA); the Associazione Italiana Aritmologia e Cardiostimolazione (AIAC) (for 8 years member of its National Board, as Coordinator of the Regional AIAC Presidents); the Società Italiana di Cardiologia (SIC) (Piedmont Regional Past President). Since 30 years he works in the arrhythmology field, exploring new features of physiological cardiac pacing and ICD: rate responsive pacing, hemodynamic sensors, closed loop stimulation in vasovagal syncope prevention, alternative site of pacing (direct hisian and parahisian pacing), antibrady and antitachy pacing dedicated algorithms, arrhythmias ablation.

Strenous fights on CRT


Topic: CRT & Heart Failure

Session type: Debate Session


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