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Mr Ruben Molero Alabau

ITACA Institute, Valencia (Spain)

Member of:

European Heart Rythm Association

Real-time assessment of LV synchrony in AV block population undergoing LBB pacing using ECG Imaging

Event: EHRA 2024

Topic: Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT)

Session: Cardiac resynchronisation therapy - conduction system pacing 2


Robustness of electrocardiographic imaging in the presence of electrical noise

Event: EHRA 2023

Topic: Noninvasive Diagnostic Methods

Session: ePoster session 41


Prediction of ablation success in atrial fibrillation patients based on electrocardiographic imaging

Event: EHRA 2022

Topic: Noninvasive Diagnostic Methods

Session: ePosters Day 2


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