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Doctor Yolanda Roselle Hill

University of Exeter, Exeter (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)

Yolanda is an MRC-funded UKRI Innovation Fellow, working within the Living Systems Institute at the University of Exeter, and collaborating with cardiologists at the Bristol Heart Institute. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Biology with Psychology from Queen Mary University of London, she went on to do her PhD at King's College London in Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology. A notable output of this work was the contribution to the development of the Re-entry vulnerability index, a novel metric used to guide cardiac ablation therapy to treat post-MI VT. Her current research builds on improving safety and success rates of radiofrequency catheter ablation to treat post-MI VT, by utilising computational models to simulate the propagation of reentrant electrical activation waves around infarct scars. In conjunction, her work uses machine learning and mathematical modelling to indicate the location of reentrant circuit sites from ECG data.

Reconstructing electrocardiograms from computational models of infarcted ventricles to determine the location of myocardial infarct scars based on features of the signal

Event: ESC Congress 2019

Topic: Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)

Session: Computational cardiology


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