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Doctor Abdelsalam Ben Saaud

Galway University Hospital, Galway (Ireland)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology
Heart Failure Association

Dr Abdelsalam Ben Saaud, MD, MSc, AFIPC, is a Cardiologist in training and PhD candidate in Preventive Cardiology at the National University of Ireland Galway and University Hospital Galway. Dr Ben Saaud is the Young Ambassador of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) in Ireland. His doctoral research includes conducting a randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary cardiovascular disease prevention programme for patients with carotid artery stenosis. Dr Ben Saaud holds a master’s degree in Preventive Cardiology, with first-class honours, awarded from the National University of Ireland Galway. He was also awarded a prestigious Gold Medal from CROÍ, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation. Dr Ben Saaud is an Associate Fellow of the National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health (NIPC). He is also a Junior Editor at the European Heart Journal - Case Reports, and a Member of the Cochrane Heart Group, United Kingdom.

The effects of normalising hyperhomocysteinaemia on clinical and operative outcomes in patients with carotid artery stenosis

Event: EuroPrevent 2019

Topic: Biomarkers

Session: Risk Factors and Prevention – Cardiovascular Risk Assessment


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