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Doctor Pavel Jurak

Institute of Scientific Instruments, the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno (Czechia)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology

The main area of interest is the introduction of new methods and technologies in medicine. High-frequency high-dynamic-range ECG and EEG signal processing – segmentation, averaging, spectral analysis, event-related potentials, synchronization/desynchronization, individual frequencies, high-frequency oscillations, signal propagation, and brain connectivity, drugs effect on Parkinson’s disease, ultra-fast EEG from deep brain electrodes processing, methods of seizures detection in epileptic patients, polysomnographic sleep studies data processing. Recently, ultra-high-frequency electrography (UHF-ECG) in cardiac pacing therapy optimization and technology transfer to clinical medicine has been a hot topic.

Dyssynchrony assessment by ultra-high-frequency electrocardiography: a single numerical parameter to identify the relationship between right and left ventricular depolarization

Event: EHRA 2023

Topic: Antibradycardia Pacing

Session: Devices - Round 1 - CRT, CSP


Ventricular Dyssynchrony Imaging for conduction system pacing using UHF-ECG

Event: EHRA 2023

Topic: European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA)

Session: EHRA Innovation summit


Physiological vs. non-physiological heart pacing as assessed by ultra-high-frequency ECG

Event: ESC Congress 2022

Topic: Antibradycardia Pacing

Session: Innovations in pacing 2


Ventricular Dyssynchrony Imaging - VDI monitor, cardiac pacing procedure optimization by ultra-high-frequency ECG

Event: EHRA 2022

Topic: Arrhythmias, General

Session: EHRA 2022 Technology and Innovation


Electrical ventricular dyssynchrony parameter able to predict CRT response, MADIT-CRT trial


Topic: Indications (Resynchronization therapy)

Session: Rapid Fire session 3 - CRT and novel devices.


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