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Doctor Angela Durante

G. Monasterio CNR-RT Foundation, Pisa (Italy)

Member of:

Heart Failure Association

Graduated as a nurse in 2012 and then worked in private and public hospitals in cardiovascular, internal medicine, and surgical departments. Reasearcher at Sant'Anna University ,previously Assistant Professor at Novara, Professor at University of La Rioja in Spain, Post Doc at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Up to 2021 Lecturer in the University Our Lady of Good Conseil in Tirana, Albania, and for a national postgraduate master program about Heart Failure, in Spain promoted by the national society of cardiology and internal medicine. Main research areas are informal caregiving in heart failure, heart failure self-care, dyadic relationships, and mixed-method approaches. Active member of the Italian Society of Nursing Science, the European Academy of Nursing Science, the Mixed Method International Association (MMIRA) European Chapter, Committee Member of Heart Failure Specialists of Tomorrow (HoT) of the European Society of Cardiology of ESC. AHA Clinical Article of the year 2020.

ACNAP Clinical Case Excellence Award

Event: ACNAP Congress 2023

Topic: Cardiovascular Surgery

Session type: Award Sessions


Clinical Case Corner 4 - Have you seen this before? Rare presentations

Event: Heart Failure 2019

Topic: Other

Session type: Clinical Case Posters


Moderated poster session - Public health and cardiac rehabilitation

Event: EuroHeartCare 2019

Topic: Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions (ACNAP)

Session type: Moderated Posters


Nursing roles across the continuum of care

Event: ESC Congress 2016

Topic: Chronic nursing care

Session type: Symposium


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