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Doctor Douglas Mann

The Washington University, Saint Louis (United States of America)

Dr. Mann is the Lewin Distinguished Professor of Cardiovascular Disease, and Professor of Medicine, Cell Biology and Physiology at the Washington University School of Medicine, where he served as chief of the cardiovascular division from 2009-2019. Prior to joining the faculty at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis he was on Dr. Mann's primary research interest is the molecular and cellular basis of heart failure, with particular emphasis on the role of innate immunity in disease progression and recovery of the failing heart. He has been engaged in translational research for over 2 decades, and has also sought to translate concepts derived in his laboratory into phase I,II,III clinical trials. Dr. Mann is the author of numerous peer reviewed articles on the role on inflammatory mediators in cardiac remodeling and myocardial recovery. He has received numerous research awards including the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Heart Failure Society of America.

Success stories in translation from bench to bedside

Event: ESC Congress 2019

Topic: Drugs, Drug Targets

Session type: Symposium


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