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Doctor Glenys A Hamilton

Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo (Norway)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology

SRN, Watford General Hospital and Shrodells Hospital, Watford, Herts. UK. RN, USA, Massachusetts Nursing Register. BSc. Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA. MSc. Boston University, Boston, MA. DNSc. HLD (hon.) Boston University.Boston, MA. Teaching Experience Nursing Research and Statistics, University of Massachusetts, Worcester, USA. Nurse Researcher, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. USA. Fulbright Scholar 1990-1991, University of Oslo, Norway. Nursing Research and Methods, University of Oslo, Graduate Nursing Programme, Norway. Fellow Emeritus ESC Member of Association of Nursing and Allied Professionals ESC, ACNAP. Article Reviewer, EJCVN GAH Consulting, 2015-present

Moderated poster session 1 - Education and Behaviours aspects - Psycho- Social

Event: EuroHeartCare 2017

Topic: Miscellaneous

Session type: Moderated Posters


Moderated Poster 1

Event: EuroHeartCare 2016

Topic: Heart failure

Session type: Moderated Posters


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