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Doctor Martin Berger

RWTH University Hospital Aachen, Aachen (Germany)

Prolonged fibrinolysis time is a risk factor for mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease - a propensity score matched analysis

Event: ESC Congress 2023

Topic: Renal Failure and Cardiovascular Disease

Session: Renal failure and clinical outcomes


Clinical implications and risk factors for QRS width progression in heart failure patients

Event: ESC Congress 2022

Topic: Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT)

Session: Chronic heart failure - ICD, device and cardiac resynchronisation therapy


Risk modifiers and mortality in patients with high platelet reactivity to Adenosine-diphosphate (ADP) in the LURIC study

Event: ESC Congress 2020

Topic: Biomarkers

Session: Atrial Fibrillation, Platelet Aggregation and Outcomes


Platelet complement C3 deposition predicts platelet hyperactivity in patients with type II diabetes

Event: ESC Congress 2019

Topic: Platelets, Haemostasis, Coagulation

Session: The vascular inflammation coagulation interface


Dyslipidemia associated oxidised ldl induces platelet hyperactivity through a cd36-dependent activation of pde3a

Event: ESC Congress 2018

Topic: Platelets, Haemostasis, Coagulation

Session: Platelets, haemostasis and coagulation


Hyperlipidaemia associated oxidised phospholipids induce sustained platelet hyperactivity by CD36 and PLC gamma 2 dependent ROS production

Event: ESC Congress 2017

Topic: Platelets

Session: State of the art in platelet biology


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