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Ms Carmen Tarifa

Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid (Spain)

Dra Carmen Tarifa is a basic science electrophysiologist that developed her PhD degree programme in Medicine with an awarded Predoctoral Research Grant within the National Programme for Training Human Resources by The Autonomous University of Barcelona under the mentorship of Dr Leif Hove-Madsen. During her PhD she has been member of the Rhythm and cardiac contraction regulation emerging group focusing her research on the spatial distribution and remodeling of spontaneous calcium release events as a novel mechanism potentiating their ability to induce spontaneous electrical activity in AF. He is currently a post-doctoral scientist in the Prof Silvia G Priori’s Molecular Cardiology laboratory at the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) in Madrid where she studies ionic currents associated with inherited arrhythmia syndromes.

Differential effects of five risk variants for atrial fibrillation at the 4q25 region on L-type calcium current and transient inward currents in human atrial myocytes

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2019

Topic: Arrhythmias

Session: Insight into atrial physiology and pathology


Adenosine A2A receptor activation induces afterdepolarizations in human atrial myocytes by selectively increasing the calcium spark frequency near the sarcolemma

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2017

Topic: Mechanisms of arrhythmias

Session: Mechanisms of arrhythmias


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