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Doctor Alexander Kalinkin

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow (Russian Federation)

Alexander Kalinkin, MD, PhD Head Sleep Medicine Center Medical Research and Educational Center (University Clinic) Lomonosov Moscow State University 27/10 Lomonosovsky prospekt Moscow, 119192, Russia email: akalinkin@sleeplab.ru Diplomas, titles: 1989 Russian Federal Diploma of Medicine, Medical Faculty, Moscow 1991 Resident Certificate in Cardiology 1994 Postgraduate Certificate in Cardiology and Internal Medicine 1997 Doctor of Medicine, Cardiology, Moscow 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017 Postgraduate Certificate (Cardiology, Functional diagnostic) 2012 Expert of European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) Clinical activities: Sleep medicine Cardiology Research activities: Human research - Sleep disorders breathing - Insomnia - RLS, PLMD - Arterial hypertension Animal research - Sleep (brown bears) Symposia, meetings, workshops at national/local level: Annual forum of Russian national Sleep Society “Sleep”, President of the forum

Sleep disordered breathing in hospitalized patients with congestive heart failure with preserved, mid-range and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction

Event: Heart Failure 2021

Topic: Comorbidities

Session: ePoster session


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