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Assistant Professor Attila Kovacs

Semmelweis University, Budapest (Hungary)

Attila Kovacs has joined the Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Center in 2009 as a student researcher, and his main field of interest was exercise physiology and cardiovascular imaging from the very beginning. He focused on the implementation of novel echocardiographic techniques (speckle-tracking echocardiography and 3D imaging) in the everyday clinical routine. His PhD degree was completed in 2015 by a thesis concerning the comparison of physiological and pathological LV hypertrophies. Beyond that, he has a strong background in experimental research as well. He is working now as assistant professor and echocardiography core lab leader with a team of medical doctors, sonographers, PhD fellows and student researchers. He is the lead developer of the ReVISION method, an award-winning 3D echo technique for a detailed characterization of RV mechanics. He is an active member and Fellow of the ESC, and he has also served as a Hungarian Young Ambassador of Heart Imagers of Tomorrow.

Right ventricle and sport.

Event: EuroEcho 2019

Topic: Echocardiography, Other

Session: What I need to know about right ventricle?


Equal significance of longitudinal and radial wall motion represents the normal right ventricular mechanical pattern: 3D echocardiographic study in 231 healthy volunteers

Event: ESC Congress 2019

Topic: 3D Echocardiography

Session: Right ventricular function from mechanics to prognosis


Impact of pulmonary pressures on the functional shift in right ventricular mechanics after mitral valve surgery: initial results of the PREPARE-MVR study

Event: ESC Congress 2018

Topic: 3D Echocardiography

Session: Echocardiographic assessment of the right heart


Genetic determination of myocardial mechanics: towards a deeper understanding of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction?

Event: Heart Failure 2018

Topic: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF)

Session: Chronic Heart Failure – Pathophysiology and Mechanisms


Giant unruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm: matter of size?

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2017

Topic: Outflow obstruction

Session: Clinical Case Poster session 3


More than volumes and ejection fraction: shape and mechanics! 

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2017

Topic: The imaging examination and quality assessment

Session: 3D Echo for assessing the right ventricle - how and why? 


Right ventricular failure due to acute thrombosis of the ascending aorta: successful treatment by right ventricular assist device

Event: ESC Congress 2017

Topic: AHF - Non pharmacological treatment

Session: When the engine fails - Challenging heart failure cases


Relative contribution of right ventricular longitudinal shortening and radial displacement to global pump function in healthy volunteers

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2016

Topic: Right ventricular systolic function

Session: Assessment of morphology and function


Characteristic changes of systolic and diastolic function in rat models of type 1 versus type 2 diabetes mellitus assessed by speckle-tracking echocardiography

Event: ESC Congress 2016

Topic: Echo-ventricular function

Session: Echo ventricular function


Inheritance of left ventricular structure and function implies no genetic predisposition to hypertensive heart disease in Caucasian twins

Event: ESC Congress 2016

Topic: Morphology, pathology and genetics

Session: Congenital heart disease


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