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Associate Professor Otto Kamp

Amsterdam University Medical Centre, Amsterdam (Netherlands (The))

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European Society of Cardiology

Otto Kamp, MD, PhD, FESC, is staff member cardiologist and director of echocardiography laboratory at the Amsterdam UMC, location VU. He is member of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). Furthermore, he is project leader of the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS). He participated as principal investigator in multiple clinical trials, including CATS, PICTURE, DOS, PRIME-2, RACE, RACE 2, RACE 7, DESIRE, TIARA and ELANDD. Also, he is grader and reviewer of several scientific journals. Graduated from the Academic Hospital Dijkzigt in Rotterdam, he wrote his thesis in 1992 entitled: “Transesophageal Echocardiography in Mitral Regurgitation and Coronary Artery Disease” resulting in approx. 220 publications in the international literature (see Pubmed: o.kamp). Present research of the echo lab is focusing on 3-dimensional echocardiography, stress and contrast (myocardial perfusion) echocardiography and therapeutic ultrasound, in the setting of sonothrombolysis.

TOE clinical cases

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2018

Topic: Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE)

Session type: Clinical Cases


Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2017

Topic: The imaging examination and quality assessment

Session type: Debate Session


Advanced echo techniques II: miscellaneous

Event: EuroEcho-Imaging 2016

Topic: General principles of imaging

Session type: Teaching Course


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