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Associate Professor Agnieszka Mlynarska

Slaski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach, Katowice (Poland)

Member of:

European Society of Cardiology

Gender-dependent compliance with therapeutic recommendations in patients with heart failure

Event: ACNAP-EuroHeartCare 2022

Topic: Multidisciplinary Interventions

Session: ePoster session 2


Modified frailty as a novel factor to predict the effectiveness of electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in the elderly population

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2019

Topic: Rhythm Control, Cardioversion

Session: Drug treatment for atrial fibrillation


Capability for self-care of patients with heart failure

Event: Heart Failure 2019 - 6th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure

Topic: Epidemiology, Prognosis, Outcome

Session: Chronic Heart Failure – Epidemiology, Prognosis, Outcome


Can frailty syndrome be a predictor of level of capability of self-care of patients with heart failure treated with ICD?

Event: EuroPrevent 2019

Topic: Chronic Heart Failure, Other

Session: Chronic Heart Failure


Older age and a higher EHRA score allow higher level of frailty syndrome to be predicted in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Event: ESC Congress 2018

Topic: Prevalence and Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation

Session: Atrial fibrillation - Epidemiology prognosis outcome


Influence of acceptance of the illness on the level of self-care ability in patients with heart failure

Event: EuroHeartCare 2018

Topic: Treatment

Session: Chronic Heart Failure


Education, psychological intervention and prevention of frailty syndrome as factors to obtain higher level of self-care in heart failure

Event: EuroPrevent 2018

Topic: Chronic Heart Failure, Other

Session: Heart failure


Thebesian valve in 3D cardiac computed tomography

Event: ESC CONGRESS 2017

Topic: Resynchronisation therapy

Session: Cardiac resynchronisation therapy


Patients with atrio-ventricular blocks and frailty syndrome do not have advantages from pacemaker implantation


Topic: Indications (Pacing)

Session: Nursing and Allied Professions


Does frailty (syndrome) can have a preventive role for the incidence of anxiety and depression among patients with cardiac arrhythmias?

Event: EuroHeartCare 2017

Topic: Arrhythmias

Session: Arrhythmias


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