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Doctor Antonio Frontera

ASST Great Metropolitan Niguarda, Milan (Italy)

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European Heart Rythm Association

Cardiac Electrophysiologist, IRCCS Ca' Grande Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda, Milan, Italy After a 2 year fellowship at the Bristol Heart Institute, he received a scholarship from the EHRA and completed his studies in cardiac electrophysiology at the prestigious Haut Leveque Hospital in Bordeaux, France, under the supervision of Professor Michel Haïssaguerre. At the same French university, he received a doctorate (Ph.D.). As a researcher, the doctor is engaged, in particular, in the analysis of intracavitary signals (EGM) against the background of ventricular tachycardia. Also, thanks to close cooperation with the Department of Mathematics of the Polytechnic University of Milan, under the guidance of Professor Quarteroni, innovative methods of treating complex arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia) are being studied. To date, Dr. Frontera is the author of more than 160 scientific articles published in international journals. His H-index is 32.

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