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Doctor Peter Light

University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada)

The research laboratory of Dr. Peter Light is located in the Alberta Diabetes Institute, University of Alberta. His lab researches ion transport processes controlling cellular excitability that utilizes a combination of electrophysiological, live-cell imaging, biochemical and molecular techniques to study the biophysics, physiology and pharmacology of ion channels and exchangers at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole organism levels. Currently, his lab is studying the following:
 • The ionic and metabolic events that lead to cellular dysfunction in the heart and endocrine pancreas. • The physiology and pathophysiology of human pancreatic islets with respect to incretin biology. • The design and development of small molecules for the treatment of heart failure, and cardiac arrhythmias and type 2 diabetes. • ATP-sensitive potassium channel function and molecular pharmacology. • Anti-diabetic drug pharmacology and cardiovascular safety.

SGLT2 inhibitors inhibit the late sodium current.

Event: ESC Congress 2022

Topic: Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

Session: How do SGLT2 inhibitors act in heart failure?


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