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Frequently Asked Questions on the New ESC 365

ESC 365: your new tool

What is the new ESC 365?

ESC 365 is the online platform where you can find all available resources from the ESC Family of Congresses (Acute Cardiovascular Care Congress, EHRA Congress, ESC Congress, EuroCMR, EuroEcho-Imaging, EuroPRevent, FCVB, and Heart Failure, and many more ).

What's changed from the previous version?

ESC 365 replaces ESC Congress 365, an online platform that presented resources from ESC Congress editions only.

Resources from which congresses are available in ESC 365?

On this platform, you will find resources from presentations given during current and past editions of:

  • Acute Cardiovascular Care Congress
  • EHRA Congress
  • ESC Congress
  • EuroCMR
  • EuroEcho-Imaging
  • EuroPRevent
  • Heart Failure
  • And many more ...

Note: content from those Congresses not organized by ESC is not included in New ESC 365.

Search Function

How can I find a presentation on ESC 365?

To find a presentation, on the homepage select your congress(es) of interest and type keyword(s) (e.g. presentation title, speaker) in the search bar, then hit the ‘Search’ button. On the results page, you will then be able to refine your search (by year, by session type, by resource type, and by topic). Finally, you can sort the results by relevance, year or title.

How do I find an abstract from a specific author?
  1. Select the congress if you know at what congress the abstract was presented
  2. Type the author’s name in the search bar from the home page
  3. You may then refine your search by selecting ‘Abstract’ in the ‘Resource type’ tab
Where can I find citations of abstracts?

The citation of the abstracts is available on the abstract itself.

Look for the presentation on the New ESC 365 then open the “abstract” resource: the citation will be mentioned there.

I went to an interesting session at 12:00 on Saturday in the Main Auditorium and I can't remember the title of the session. How do I find the video or slides?
  1. Select the congress at which the presentation took place
  2. The best way to find the presentation you are looking for is to know the presenter or author(s)’s name(s), and then type it in the search bar
  3. Refine your results by selecting the year when it was presented.

If you don’t have this information, you can look for this session’s title via the Scientific Programme & Planner which is organised by day and timeslots.

How can I find abstracts before 2010?

Congress resources presented before 2013 (for ESC Congress) and 2017 (for other subspecialty / Associations congresses) are not available on the New ESC 365. To consult the abstracts presented before 2013, consult the abstract book here.

Can I access all presentations from a specific country?

To access all presentations from a specific country type the country name in English using quotation marks in the search bar, e.g. “South Africa”: search results will be displayed with presenter(s) or author(s) from “South Africa”. 

I refined my search to decrease the number of search results but this is now too narrow, how can I go back?

Simply click on the cross on the right hand side of your refine criteria presented in grey rectangles just above the number of results of your search to cancel this refined search and go back to the original results page.You can also click on the New ESC 365 logo, on the upper left corner to go back to the ESC 365 home page.

How do I make a new search with new search criteria?

Click on the New ESC 365 logo on the upper left corner to return to the home page.

Congress resources 

What is a congress resource?

A congress resource could be:

  • An abstract/e-Poster
  • A presentation slide set
  • A video (webcast of the presentation: slides synchronised with the audio & video feeds of the speaker)
  • An ESC TV interview (unbiased scientific opinion on key sessions and presentations from some of the most well-known experts) or a report.
Why are some resources pictograms presented in grey while others are in green?
  • A grey resource pictogram indicates that the resource is not available (not available for this kind of presentation, or not available yet (try again in a few days’ time) or that the authors/presenters have not granted the European Society of Cardiology the rights to use the content for educational purposes.
  • A green pictogram indicates that the resource is available on the platform.
What is the usual time delay between a presentation taking place and it appearing on the New ESC 365?

Most of the resources are available within 24hrs after presentation.

Why do some presentations have an abstract?

Abstracts are available only for abstract based presentations.

1 week before the congress, abstracts are usually published so why are some abstracts still not available?

An abstract may not be available if it is embargoed: in this case the abstract will be released after the presentation takes place.

Why can't I access the poster even though I can view the abstract?

The e-poster is available only if the presenter has submitted and granted copyrights to ESC. 

Log-in with your 'My ESC' account

What is a "My ESC account"?

A "My ESC account" is a free of charge personal account giving the user access to congress resources, online journals, newsletters etc… From this account users can also renew his/her membership, register for a congress or access a webinar.

Do I need to sign-up or log-in to access the platform?

You may search for content freely, abstracts are accessible without log-in.

But you will need to log-in to access slide sets, videos and ESC TV interviews/reports. You will either need to sign-up – if you don’t have an existing My ESC account – or log-in with the email address and password you usually use on the ESC website.

Creating a "My ESC account" is quick and free of charge: sign-up in 2 minutes.

Why do I need to log-in?

You will need to log-in to your "My ESC account" to access congress resources. These resources are only accessible to certified healthcare professionals, associated press, industry representatives and other qualified stakeholders in the science, management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, some resources are for members only.

What is the “Member access only” button on the right hand side of the resources line?

This button indicates that access is granted upon membership status of the user.

There may be 5 cases:

Two scenarios if you are not logged-in:

  1. You will read: "Some member only content". This means the resources may be locked behind membership but as the system cannot read your membership status, you will need to either click on the presentation or log in to check your access rights.
  2. You will read: "Some member only content" as well as "X Days left for free access". This means the resources of this presentation are opên for all during that time. You will still need to log-in in order to consult any resource that is not an abstract.

Three possible scenarios if you are logged-in:

  1. You see a green lock: It means that your membership subscription entitles you to consult the content from this congress all year-round, meaning you may consult the slides, videos and ESC TV interviews/Report at your convenience.
  2. You read "Some member only content" and  "X Days left for free access": It means that your membership subscription does not entitle you to consult the content from this congress, but that the content is currently on open access. If this content is of interest to you we encourage you to become a member or upgrade your membership to get access to the content from this congress all year-round. You will be directed to the corresponding membership subscription page.
  3. You read "Some member only content" and see a red lock: It means that your membership subscription does not entitle you to consult the content from this congress and that you're out of the open access period. If this content is of interest to you we encourage you to become a member or upgrade your membership to get access to the content from this congress all year-round. You will be directed to our dedicated membership page.
I am already a member of the ESC or of a subspecialty Associations, how can I access the resources from the congress of another Association?

The ESC has created packages to allow you to access benefits from two Associations: Pick the two memberships that suit your needs & interests, create your own membership package, and benefit from significant discounts. Visit our dedicated membership page.

What is the ‘i’ on the side of the “Member access only” button on the right hand side of the resources line?

If you hover your mouse over the ‘i’, the system will display which membership is required to access these specific resources. It can be "Exclusively for ESC Professional members" for ESC Congress content or "Exclusively for [Association] members (excl. Regular)" for subspecialty congresses.

If I have a "My ESC account", am I an ESC Professional Member?

There is no link between having a "My ESC account" and being an ESC Professional member. If you want to know more about ESC membership and becoming an ESC Professional or an Association member, click on the red button “Membership” on the top bar of the ESC homepage.

How do I sign-up and create a "My ESC account"?

To sign-up and create your "My ESC account", you can click on “Log in to My ESC” at the top of the web page. It will lead you to the sign-up webpage; simply follow the steps; it will take you less than 5 minutes.

Do I need to be a Member to access the resources?
  • Abstracts are available to all professionals, year-round, without log-in.
  • Slides, videos, & ESC TV interviews/reports are:
    • On open access (through My ESC log-in) for  4-months (for ESC Congress) or 3-months (for other subspecialty/Association congresses) starting from Congress day 1.
    • ESC Professional, Combined, & Associations’ Members (Ivory, Silver & Gold) have access year-round to the resources of all editions of their respective congress(es): e.g. ESC Professional Members get access to ESC Congress resources, EHRA members (Ivory, Silver & Gold) get access to resources from the EHRA Congresses.

There are always some resources available on open access all year-round. If you want to know what congress content is currently available on open access on the platform, please consult the "What's new" area on the homepage under the search bar.

Fellows of the ESC (FESC), and Professionals in training or under 40 years old, who subscribed to a Young Combined Membership package benefit from access to all ESC 365 content from all congresses, all editions, all year long.

Do I need to attend ESC Congress to access the resources?

The access to the congress resources on the New ESC 365 platform is linked to your membership status not to your congress attendance.

What resources I am entitled to with my membership subscription?

ESC Professional Members, professionals who subscribed to Combined Membership Packages, & Associations’ Members (Ivory, Silver & Gold) benefit from:

  • Period: Year-round access
  • Content: All editions of respective Congress(es)1 (2013 onwards)
  • Resources: Abstracts, Slides, Videos, ESC TV interviews/Reports (All resources)

1e.g. ESC Professional Members get access to ESC Congress resources EHRA members (Ivory, Silver & Gold) get access to resources from the EHRA Congresses

Access is granted for the duration of your membership subscription period (note ESC now operates a rolling membership scheme whereby your membership is valid for a 12-months period from the day you signed up).

Access for Associations’ Regular Members & Non-Members:

  • Period: 4 months of free access for ESC Congress, 3-months for other congresses (Starting from day 1 of the congress in question)
  • Content: Current Congress(es) edition ONLY
  • Resources: Abstracts, Slides, Videos, Reports (no ESC TV interviews)
Ensure you continue to get access to the NEW ESC 365 all year round… Join the ESC or Upgrade your membership.

Visit our dedicated ESC Membership page to learn everything about the benefits. 

My 365 selection:

What is "My 365 selection"?

“My 365 selection” is the selection of all presentations you tagged as “Favourite” with the star button on the left hand side of the presentation title (the presentation title is displayed in bold, in green)

More questions:

How can I get permission to reuse some content?

To reuse content please contact the ESC Scientific Team by  email at

Can I consult resources on my smart phone?

Yes, the New ESC 365 platform is responsive, you can access it from anywhere and from any device (computers, tablets, smart phones) as long as you have an internet connection.

Who do I contact if I am having technical problems with my access?

You may contact us by email at

I am logged-in but the video player is not working. Which browsers does the platform support?

The video player works on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

If you are experiencing any technical problems, do not hesitate to contact us at

I can't find the answer to my question in these FAQ where can I get more help?

Feel free to send us your question at

Any other question or suggestion? send it to us by email.

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  • 2ESC Association Members (Ivory, Silver, Gold) – access your Association’s congress resources
  • 3Under 40 or in training - with a Combined Membership, access resources from all congresses
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