Prognostic value of within-individual day-by-day variability of in-hospital blood pressure in sub-acute state of ischemic stroke: the Fukuoka stroke registry blood pressure variability study

Session: A new look at the measurement of blood pressure

Topic: Hypertension, other

Event: ESC Congress 2013


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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring improves risk stratification across JNC classes of conventional blood pressure evaluated in 7826 participants recruited from 11 populations

1 September 2013 16:30 - 16:45

Speaker: Doctor J. Brguljan (Ljubljana, SI)


Relationship between wall-to-lumen ratio of retimal arterioles and clinic and 24 hours blood pressure

1 September 2013 16:45 - 17:00

Speaker: Doctor M. Salvetti (Brescia, IT)


Obstructive sleep apnea and nocturnal hypertension are associated with concentric geometry and systolic dysfunction in patients with resistant hypertension. RESIST POL study

1 September 2013 17:00 - 17:15

Speaker: Doctor P. Dobrowolski (Warsaw, PL)


Continuous positive airway pressure improves visit-to-visit blood pressure variability in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea

1 September 2013 17:30 - 17:45

Speaker: Doctor K. Shiina (Tokyo, JP)


Blood pressure variability parameters and the risk of developing hypertension in healthy young males: 5-year follow-up study.

1 September 2013 17:45 - 18:00

Speaker: Doctor V. Piskovatska (Odessa, UA)