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Acute heart failure in mexico. a comparison between euroheart failure survey ii versus a mexican tertiary centre.

Session Poster Session 3

Speaker Jose Antonio Magana Serrano

Event : Heart Failure 2019

  • Topic : heart failure
  • Sub-topic : Acute Heart Failure – Epidemiology, Prognosis, Outcome
  • Session type : Poster Session

Authors : J Magana Serrano (Mexico City,MX), JA Magana-Serrano (mexico city,MX), JA Cigarroa-Lopez (mexico city,MX), H Galvan-Oseguera (mexico city,MX), G Maza-Juarez (mexico city,MX), A Chavez-Mendoza (mexico city,MX), GH Mendoza-Zavala (mexico city,MX), JA Rayo-Chavez (mexico city,MX), VM Preve-Castro (mexico city,MX), MJ Olalde-Roman (mexico city,MX), MH Garrido-Garduno (mexico city,MX), A Tepayotl-Aponte (mexico city,MX), SR Claire-Guzman (mexico city,MX), GH Saturno-Chiu (mexico city,MX)

J Magana Serrano1 , JA Magana-Serrano2 , JA Cigarroa-Lopez2 , H Galvan-Oseguera2 , G Maza-Juarez2 , A Chavez-Mendoza2 , GH Mendoza-Zavala2 , JA Rayo-Chavez2 , VM Preve-Castro2 , MJ Olalde-Roman2 , MH Garrido-Garduno2 , A Tepayotl-Aponte2 , SR Claire-Guzman2 , GH Saturno-Chiu2 , 1Hospital of Cardiology at the Siglo XX National Medical Center, Division of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation - Mexico City - Mexico , 2cardiology hospital. National Medical Centre "Siglo XXI", IMSS, Division of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation - mexico city - Mexico ,


Background: We conducted a prospective registry of the Acute Heart Failure (AHF) patients in our Hospital during 2018 and compare with the Euro Heart Failure Survey II (n=3580).

Methods: We included 226 patients with AHF. We compared demographic data, comorbidities and underlying diseases, classification of AHF, use of diagnostic tools, in-hospital treatment and medications at discharge. 

Results:The mean age  in our Centre was 56+/-15.5 years vs 69.9+/-12.5 years in EHFS II. The male proportion was 75% in México vs 61% in Europe.  Ischemic heart disease in Europe was 53.6% vs 39% in México, the rate of dilated cardiomyopathy in Mexico was 30.19% vs 19.3% in EHFS II. The clinical profile of AHF in México vs EHFS-II was ADCHF 87% vs 65.4, Pulmonary edema 11% vs 16.2%, Cardiogenic shock 0% vs 3.9%, Hypertensive AHF 7 % vs 11.4%, Right ventricle failure 5% vs 3.2. Clinical tools  during hospitalization included (Mexican versus EHFS II): ECG 100% vs 99.9%, Chest X-ray 95% vs 97.7%, Echocardiogram 99% vs 85%, BNP/NT-proBNP 5% vs 16.3%, angiography 29.3% vs 36.5%, MRI 2.3% vs 0.8%, EP 0.9% vs 1.6%. Treatment during the hospitalization included (México vs. EHFS II): Diuretics 95% vs 92.9%, opioids 0% vs 19.4%, Nitrates 26% vs 38.7%, dobutamine 10.2% vs 15%, dopamine 12% vs 11.3%, levosimendan 10% vs 3.0%, amiodarone 6.6% vs 17.5%. The treatment at discharge is presented in Table I.

Discussion: Mexico exhibit a younger population when compared with Europe. The clinical presentation of AHF is similar in both groups, but the use of nitrates and opioids in Mexico is infrequent, the use of inotropes is a common practice in our Centre despite the lack of patients in Cardiogenic shock. The discharge treatment in both compared groups was very similar.


México (n=226)

EHFS II (n=3580)













Aldosterone antagonists






Calcium channel blockers








Not reported



Not reported

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It is now only available year-round to HFA Silver & Gold Members, Fellows of the ESC and Young combined Members

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