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Intervention algorithm for the heart logic device for nurse specialized in hf

Session Poster Session 2

Speaker Ramon Bover Freire

Event : Heart Failure 2019

  • Topic : cardiovascular nursing and allied professions
  • Sub-topic : Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions - Other
  • Session type : Poster Session

Authors : M Perez Serrano (Madrid,ES), JGA Josebe Goirigolzarri Artaza (Madrid,ES), DEV Daniel Enriquez Vazquez (Madrid,ES), CNP Carlos Nicolas Perez (Madrid,ES), MFE Marcos Fernandez Escarbajal (Madrid,ES), RBF Ramon Bover Freire (Madrid,ES), CMM Carlos Macaya Miguel (Madrid,ES), CRR Concepcion Ramirez Ramos (Madrid,ES), MGB Marcos Gonzalez Barja (Madrid,ES), NRL Noemi Ramos Lopez (Madrid,ES), AJB Adrian Jeronimo Baza (Madrid,ES), EMG Eduardo Martinez Gomez (Madrid,ES), IVC Isidre Vilacosta (Madrid,ES), PMS Paula Martinez Santos (Madrid,ES)

M Perez Serrano1 , JGA Josebe Goirigolzarri Artaza1 , DEV Daniel Enriquez Vazquez1 , CNP Carlos Nicolas Perez1 , MFE Marcos Fernandez Escarbajal1 , RBF Ramon Bover Freire1 , CMM Carlos Macaya Miguel1 , CRR Concepcion Ramirez Ramos1 , MGB Marcos Gonzalez Barja1 , NRL Noemi Ramos Lopez1 , AJB Adrian Jeronimo Baza1 , EMG Eduardo Martinez Gomez1 , IVC Isidre Vilacosta1 , PMS Paula Martinez Santos1 , 1Hospital Clinic San Carlos, HEART FAILURE - Madrid - Spain ,


PURPOSE: HeartLogic is a diagnosis of heart failure implemented in ICD and CRT-D designed to detect early warning signs of worsening heart failure by combining data from 5 sensors in a single, with a specificity of 85.7% and a sensitivity of 70% allows to anticipate acute decompensation up to 34 days. The objective is to demonstrate that patients with the device and who are monitored by a nurse specialized in HF through a telephone intervention algorithm reduce the rate of IC readmission through early telephone intervention.
METHODS: A prospective observational study will be conducted in all patients with this device and where an intervention and performance algorithm for specialized nursing in HF was designed, focused on early telephone intervention based on the diagnosis and detection of signs of decompensation and early application of the Flexible diet of diuretics. The activation of the protocol is carried out when the patient's device threshold is =16, at which time the nurse performs the telephone intervention and depending on whether or not symptoms are present, it is selected in one arm or another, to closer monitoring, this allows anticipating a possible income up to 34 days. Once the threshold <6 is stabilized, the patient leaves the algorithm.
RESULTS: Since January 2018, 18 patients were enrolled in follow-up of alerts, of which 3 were women and 15 were men. The average age was 65.72 years. During the 6-month period, there were 11 alerts with threshold = 16, to which telephone intervention was performed according to the algorithm. The cause of the alert was not found in two cases. There was a single admission related to HF in a context of severe anemia. Two of the patients lost track, and one device was cleared by infection. The rest of the case was resolved with treatment optimization.
CONCLUSION: The use of this algorithm allowed early intervention in most cases, with a single non-avoidable admission since the first cause that triggered it was not the CI. This algorithm will allow a greater follow-up of the patients and an early intervention in the case of decompensation

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