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Preload dependency of 3-dimensional echocardiographic right ventricular function using dedicated software

Session Poster session 2

Speaker Chan Seok Park

Congress : EuroEcho-Imaging 2018

  • Topic : imaging
  • Sub-topic : 3D Echocardiography
  • Session type : Poster Session
  • FP Number : P774

Authors : CS Park (Seoul,KR), A Gwon (Seoul,KR), HS Ahn (Seoul,KR), HJ Youn (Seoul,KR)


CS Park1 , A Gwon1 , HS Ahn1 , HJ Youn1 , 1Catholic University Medical College - Seoul - Korea Republic of ,

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging ( 2019 ) 20 ( Supplement 1 ), i501

Background: The evaluation of right ventricular function using 2-dimensional echocardiography is limited due to its complexity in the geometry. In this study, we investigated right ventricular function analysis using 3-dimensional echocardiography is affected by acute changes of preload or not.

Methods: 57subjects who underwent transthoracic echocardiography including real time 3-dimensional image acquisition of right ventricle before and after hemodialysis were enrolled. End-diastolic and end-systolic volumes were obtained from right ventricular real time 3-dimensional image. Right ventricular stroke volume and ejection fraction were also calculated. Parameters representing right ventricular size and function based on 2-dimensional echocardiography were obtained from real time 3-dimensional image.

Results: The right ventricular functional parameters from real time 3-dimensional echocardiography could be easily obtained from commercially available software with other 2-dimensional functional parameters. And right ventricular ejection fraction obtained from real time 3-dimensional echocardiography was less dependent on acute preload changes. 

Conclusion: Right ventricular ejection fraction based on real time 3-dimensional echocardiography can be used as more reliable parameter for right ventricular function irrespective of volume status.

Pre-hemodialysis Post-hemodialysis P value
End diastolic volume (mL) 95.2±27.2 83.6±21.3 <0.01
End diastolic volume index (mL/m²) 58.6±14.7 52.1±12.9 <0.01
End systolic volume (mL) 42.5±11.7 38.3±8.5 <0.01
End systolic volume index (mL/m²) 25.6±6.4 23.9±5.4 <0.01
Stroke volume (mL) 54.0±16.8 45.3±13.8 <0.01
Ejection fraction (%) 54.7±11.4 53.7±4.4 0.50
RVD1 (basal, mm) 29.5±5.1 27.3±5.5 <0.01
RVD2 (mid, mm) 34.1±6.3 31.2±6.7 <0.01
RVD3 (longitudinal, mm) 78.2±7.1 75.1±7.4 <0.01
TAPSE (mm) 22.4±4.0 19.1±4.2 <0.01
Fractional area change (%) 49.6±6.0 46.3±5.6 <0.01
Free wall longitudinal strain (%) -29.8±4.9 -27.4±4.4 <0.01

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