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Compressed sensing single-breath-hold cardiac magnetic resonance for quantification of right ventricular volumes in congenital heart disease

Session Poster session 1

Speaker Tobias Rutz

Congress : EuroCMR 2019

  • Topic : imaging
  • Sub-topic : Cardiac Magnetic Resonance: Dimensions, Volumes and Mass
  • Session type : Poster Session
  • FP Number : P148

Authors : C Blanche (Geneva,CH), A Bermano (Tel Aviv,IL), A Vaxman (Utrecht,NL), C Gotsman (New Jersey,US), R Charrier (Lausanne,CH), D Piccini (Lausanne,CH), J Bouchardy (Lausanne,CH), A Pavon (Lausanne,CH), G Vincenti (Lausanne,CH), P Monney (Lausanne,CH), M Stuber (Lausanne,CH), J Schwitter (Lausanne,CH), T Rutz (Lausanne,CH)

C Blanche1 , A Bermano2 , A Vaxman3 , C Gotsman4 , R Charrier5 , D Piccini6 , J Bouchardy7 , A Pavon5 , G Vincenti5 , P Monney5 , M Stuber6 , J Schwitter5 , T Rutz5 , 1Geneva University Hospitals, Cardiology Division - Geneva - Switzerland , 2Tel Aviv University, School of Computer Science - Tel Aviv - Israel , 3Utrecht University, Department of Information and Computing Sciences - Utrecht - Netherlands (The) , 4Ying Wu College of Computing - New Jersey - United States of America , 5University Hospital Lausanne and University of Lausanne, Service of Cardiology, Heart and Vessel Department, Cardiac MR Center - Lausanne - Switzerland , 6University Hospital Lausanne and University of Lausanne, Department of Radiology - Lausanne - Switzerland , 7University Hospital Lausanne and University of Lausanne, Service of Cardiology - Lausanne - Switzerland ,

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging ( 2019 ) 20 ( Supplement 2 ), ii96

BACKGROUND: Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is the gold standard for the evaluation of the right ventricle (RV) in congenital heart disease (CHD). Novel compressed sensing (CS)-based single-breath-hold multislice CMR cine techniques have emerged to accelerate data acquisition. The aim of this study was to compare a CS-CMR cine technique with the standard multi-breath-hold technique cine images for the assessment of RV volumes and function.
METHODS: The CS-CMR acquires 2 long-axis and 3 short-axis cine in 1 single breath-hold. To measure RV ejection fraction (RVEF(CS)) and RV volumes, a non-model-based 3D reconstruction software was used (figure). For comparison, a conventional stack of multi-breath-hold short axis cine was acquired. As a reference for the RV stroke volume (RVSV), pulmonary antegrade flow was measured by phase-contrast CMR in the main and both pulmonary branch arteries.
RESULTS: Seventeen patients with no more than trace tricuspid regurgitation with different CHD lesions were included (age 32±14 years; 7 (41%) females, 4 tetralogy of Fallot, 5 Ross, 4 pulmonary stenosis, 2 ventricular and 2 atrial septal defect). CS derived RV enddiastolic volume, RVSV and RVEF were significantly lower than those determined by the standard short axis cines (table). The agreement of RVSV(CS) with total antegrade pulmonary flow determined either in the main pulmonary artery (MPA) or by the sum of antegrade flow in both pulmonary branch arteries (PPA) was superior to that of RVSV(standard) (table).
CONCLUSIONS: CS-CMR allows evaluation of the RV function and volumes in CHD patients. The preliminary data show that the CS-CMR appears to better determine RV stroke volume than standard short axis cines as it avoids misalignment of the different long and short axis cine loops.

2D standard




194 ± 50

179 ± 53



103 ± 42

108 ± 36



92 ± 21

71 ± 24



49 ± 11

40 ± 7


Bias RVSV to MPA flow ml

11 ± 17 (-22; 46)

-4 ± 16 (-35; 28)


Bias RVSV to PPA flow ml

9 ± 15 (-21; 40)

-9 ± 10 (-29; 10)


CS = compressed sensing, RVEDV = right ventricular enddiastolic volume, RVEF = right ventricular ejection fraction, RVESV = right ventricular endsystolic volume, RVSV = right ventricular stroke volume, MPA = main pulmonary artery, PPA = peripheral branch pulmonary arteries. The bias is shown with standard deviation and 95% confidence intervals in brackets.

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